Citation: Endeavour Journal

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Today I received a message to say that my article for CityMetric (see previous blog post) had been cited in 'Endeavour', a journal on the history and philosophy of science.

The article entitled 'The Parliament that Science Built: Credibility, Architecture, and Britain’s Palace of Westminster' was written by Dr Edward Gillin, a research fellow at Trinity College, Cambridge. The article is a brief summary and extension of his DPhil thesis (and later book 'The Victorian Palace of Science') which highlights the importance of science in the design and construction of the Palace of Westminster. I met Ed playing cricket at the start of the summer as he is an alumni of my college, but I was not aware of his work on the Palace of Westminster until much later. We met up a few months ago to discuss my thesis work, at which point he informed me he was writing this article. We debated many of the issues regarding the current state of the Palace and although Ed didn't agree that government should leave London, he very much understood the point I was making and had plenty of useful references for my research, particularly in regards to using the Parliamentary Archives.

The article can be found here and Ed's book 'The Victorian Palace of Science' is available here


Tom Ardron